Manage your content better
  • Is updating your web site a technical chore?
  • Difficulty producing e-book versions of your publications?
  • Take total control of your content
  • Increase productivity and reduce operating costs
  • Re-use information - eliminate content redundancy
  • Provide the exact functionality needed for your site
  • Ensure that your system extends easily for future needs
Increase productivity
Web content management

The ultimate system for managing the content of your web site:

  • Easy-to-use affordable web content management
  • A perfect environment for content editors, marketing personnel and other site stakeholders to maintain and release web content
  • Take control of your site, but without sacrificing features
  • Post contents to your site within minutes - without the need for technical personnel
  • Maintain the navigation bar/menu times yourself - without the need for technical personnel
  • Preview changes before the content goes live
  • Full work flow and approval chain functionality
  • Manage all your content (both draft and live) in one system
  • Feature rich - introduce additional features as and when you need them
Publishing systems

Feature-rich publishing systems for professional information publishers:

  • One-click content delivery
  • Continuous text and fielded data support
  • Re-use information in multiple publications
  • “Change once” relational technology
  • Data repository with flexible “granularity”
  • Full classification and indexing features
  • Taxonomy editor - build and manage publication graphically
  • Deliver data in multiple output formats
  • Output e-book versions of your publications - iPad, Sony, Kindle, NOOK
  • Full XML support
  • Remote editorial access
  • Legal content support
  • Multiple language support
  • Editorial workflow management
  • And much more ....