Turning your publication electronic - cd-rom & web

Electronic publishing services

Konnect Soft provide a specialist system Konnect EPS for the development of electronic publications for distribution on CD-ROM, hybrid CD-ROM and the internet.

Publications ideal for conversion to the electronic format include:

  • Contacts directories
  • Reference works
  • Journals and magazines
  • Professional and technical information databases

.... any publication where adding the immediacy and powerful search and data analysis capabilities of the electronic medium adds real value for the end user.

Konnect EPS also offers extensive support for electronic advertising enabling revenue streams to be maximized, and allows for full multimedia functionality to be incorporated into the content.

Konnect Soft's CD-ROM and web development services are an excellent solution for publishers looking to release polished, intuitive and fast electronic publications at a realistic cost.

We are committed to high quality both in terms of the products that we produce and the entire project communication process both fundamental to the efficient course of the project.

Customer service

Konnect Soft focus on providing a high-level of customer service, treating individual publishing projects as if they were our own.

We work directly with publishers and involve them in the interface design and other key decisions regarding functionality to be incorporated.

One of our core objectives here is to provide a client-friendly and efficient service allowing clients to focus on editorial, data collection, sales & marketing aspects, etc., whilst we take care of the development of your title. In other words, we make the whole process of developing and marketing electronic products as easy as possible for you, by making full use of our long experience within this area of the publishing business.

High performance publications delivered to the web and CD-ROM

Konnect Soft’s professional web and CD-ROM development services put the power of our specialist software system in the hands of your customers, allowing for rapid access to your valuable data. Our state-of-the art search & retrieval software and development system Konnect EPS is designed specifically for full-text data allowing rapid access to even the largest databases.

Publications ideal for conversion to electronic format include directories, reference works, journals, magazines, “loose leaf” works, and professional & technical databases and manuals.

Konnect Soft’s electronic publishing development services bring these key features and services to reference publications:

  • A state-of-the-art search and retrieval software system dedicated solely to the development of electronic publications for web and CD-ROM
  • A database design enabling super-fast retrieval of records even with multi-million record databases
  • Powerful search capabilities (including full boolean search logic) with search systems allowing for highly targeted multi-criteria searches
  • An attractive and fully intuitive interface design - with help as you go functionality
  • Extensive support for electronic advertising thus transforming your publication into a platform generating additional revenue streams
  • Easy incorporation of full multimedia functionality into your content

Other features include access control, encryption, hybrid CD solutions, web hot-links, time-limited access, online database update, and much more

We are committed to high quality both in terms of the products that we produce and the entire project communication process, both fundamental to the efficient course of the project.

Take the first step

To find out, more simply contact us direct. If you have a specific project in mind then all we need in order to give you an outline proposal and guide price is a sample of the source data and a brief understanding of your objectives.

Konnect EPS - the electronic publishing system

The objective is for Konnect Soft to deliver a finished product which constitutes an electronic publishing solution that provides genuine “added value” to the data that it comprises.

Konnect EPS is a feature-rich search and retrieval software system combining ease-of-use with extremely powerful information retrieval capabilities, whilst at the same time providing the ability to fulfill the editorial and promotional objectives required of such “electronic” publications.

User interface

Allows the user at will to search, find, analyze data, print, export, link to associated information on the web, etc.

The all-important user interface is designed so that the user is able to locate and extract exactly the information required. For example, our system of easy-to-use buttons enables the user to link between related pieces of information with the click of a mouse in other words easy-to-use and intuitive. Clicking on one piece of information takes you to another via hypertext.

Features of the user interface include, where required:

  • Attractive and colorful interface
  • Customized start screen, main menu screens, etc. to support the product identity
  • Fully intuitive interface with help as you go functionality - allowing users fast and extremely easy access to information required
  • Powerful search capabilities (including full boolean search logic)
  • Ability to skip from one related piece of information to another via hyperlink functionality
  • Ability for the user to search, retrieve and output (print, copy & paste, export, fax, etc.) information at will
  • Using your electronic publication to generate revenue (e.g. advertising, data-set sales, etc.)
  • Data export functionality
  • Security control of mailing lists - ability to protect functionality (tempt, sell and unlock strategy)
  • Encryption
  • Ability to skip from one related piece of information to another via hyperlink functionality
  • Password protection

These are just some of the powerful features we can integrate into your publication, creating an easy-to-use intuitive electronic version of your product.

Search capabilities

A key objective of our development strategy is to allow all users, no matter what the level of experience, to be able to effectively use the electronic publication.

To illustrate: the user will easily be able to conduct multi-criteria searches and then view the results, for example, “all organizations operating in a certain country operating within a particular market sector manufacturing a certain type of product”. Users are able to find the precise data they seek, sub-select specific details of these results, print these results and then mail merge into a separate application of their choice.

An interface for all levels of users

Accordingly, we supply a search schematic so that information within the publication can be located in a number of different ways:

  • Main Menu - provides simple click-on-a-button access to key areas of information (ensuring that readers are led to certain pre-determined areas of information) helping to maximize reader traffic here, and therefore the effectiveness of this product
  • Graphical Table of Contents - this is a highly intuitive hierarchical search mode suitable for users who are less experienced with the product (typically first time or occasional users), or those who simply wish to browse the contents
  • Search Dialog - this enables users to easily perform highly targeted multi-criteria searches utilizing either default logic, or for power users amending the boolean logic according to their precise requirements. Pre-defined display indexes are supplied to make selection of search terms as easy as possible
  • Hit list - this summary of the data found is provided after each search from which one can then sub-select before viewing the more detailed information
  • Sorting of Hit Lists - where required, an easy-to-use feature to re-sort hit lists, following the executing of a search, can be supplied
  • Dynamic Calculation of Hits - when searching over different fields a readout of hits for each field, as well as the total number of matches, is provided so that you can see exactly where the relevant information is coming from
  • Help Functions - context-sensitive help plus tool tips