Web delivery solutions

Konnect Soft deliver powerful and intuitive internet applications which supply genuine “added value” to the client's business model.

Unlike the myriad of “web design” agencies, we focus on providing database powered web sites which dynamically manage and deliver the content of the site, integrating fully with your company’s existing systems.

Advanced technology powers sophisticated search features and controls the information areas of even the largest site. Each section/page of the web site can be designed to “pull in” specific elements directly from a database.

Our specialists create either solutions that are fully integrated with your existing data environment, or build new systems to “feed” your web site with data.

Konnect Soft provide a full range of web site services including:

  • Feature-rich content delivery functionality
  • Custom design and search technology
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Site maintenance services
  • Web site analysis and consultancy

Content delivery

Konnect Soft specialize in content delivery solutions for web sites providing powerful state-of-the art fully searchable site functionality for your valuable data.

Our e-publishing development team are experts at implementing high performance electronic publications on the web.

Content management

Our content management products are high productivity solutions for creating and adding value to your data in advance of its delivery to the web, hard copy or CD-ROM.

Site design

Our web philosophy includes building sites that also become an integral part of your marketing process, as a front line medium to communicating directly with your end users and customers.  Our award winning designers create visually appealing and effective page designs to maximize the impact of your data.

E-commerce solutions

A full range of e-commerce solutions including order processing, credit card authentication, inventory management and sales/revenue reporting all generated from your web site.

Web site maintenance

Web site maintenance is an integral part of the Konnect Soft web development package and includes all aspects from design and functionality changes to database and catalog updates.

We also provide maintenance services for existing web sites which have been originally constructed by other organizations.

Web site hosting

Konnect Soft provide a range of web hosting solutions to meet the exact requirements of our clients.

Our clients

Our clients, active in the supply of professional information,  range from multinational corporations to small and medium sized companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

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The internet is changing the very nature of how business is transacted, so contact us now for a no-fee consultation to discuss how your business can profit from the web.