Protect your investment

The technology

Konnect Soft's web content management implementations utilize a product-based solution.  The advantages of this approach over a custom implementation, even when employing high-productivity web development tools such as Microsoft’s .NET environment, are numerous.

  • The product has substantial functionality already included
  • Functionality for your system is therefore largely “implemented” rather than “developed”
  • Quality assurance is massively reduced
  • New functionality can be enabled as required

The product supplied is a full web content management and authoring solution enabling one to create, deploy and manage interactive web sites.

The product also has an open API allowing, if required, customization and extension beyond the onboard functionality.

The system provides full functionality to support the authoring, review, preview and publishing of content to your web site, as well as tools to maintain the web site itself.

Also provided is full remote access to the CMS and web site functionality, an essential feature where personnel and contributors are not at the same location.

Your investment

From the viewpoint of you the client, your investment is well protected with a system which is widely used and easily extended.

What if I wish to leave Konnect Soft?

Furthermore, this approach gives the client the option, if they wish, at any point of either taking over or transferring to another organisation development and maintenance responsibilities.  (Comprehensive support services for developers are provided by us, and Konnect Soft will also supply documentation for any extensions/customisations that are implemented as part of the project.)

We encourage you, of course to stay with Konnect Soft, but we are realistic and and understand that over time circumstances can change, and clients do sometimes seek to move.  Where this occurs we make this transition as smooth as possible for you.