Publishing content - delivery

Multiple output formats

Konnect eCMS is more than just a data repository and management system, as it offers full content delivery features for all your publication formats. Our system allows direct control of the production of your content, increasing productivity and data quality, and reducing costs.

Content is easily delivered to the end user without the need for manual intervention by editorial staff, and delivered as web, hardcopy, XML, CD-ROM, etc. When publishing to more than one medium, the system allows the same publication to be delivered to different output formats, which is achieved by keeping the content independent of output format.

Web site

Konnect Soft pushes internet ready content directly from the data repository giving precise control over what data appears, and to whom it is accessible. This automation eliminates the need for staff to manage uploading content to keep their web site up-to-date. One can also specify how the data appears on different areas of the site.


XML is fully supported by Konnect eCMS. The data repository stores textual content as XML allowing style and formatting information to be separated from content and applied for different delivery formats. Any selection of data can be output as XML for export to any other system - the XML output contains all required support for typesetting/hardcopy production.

Hardcopy and print proofs

Hardcopy products can be produced directly from the data repository. Filters provide output in pre-defined formats for DTP (e.g. Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress) and for page make-up/typesetting systems, as well, of course, as XML.

For proofing and supplying to printers, content from the publication can be generated in the necessary output format and “page make-up ready”. In this way the publisher can carry out their own proofing and production of print-ready PDFs.


Data for a CD-ROM is produced at the press of a button. Filters for different CD-ROM formats are available, including for clients already utilizing our own Konnect EPS system.

Other output formats

Other output formats include:

  • E-mail bulletins
  • Alerts
  • Data feeds
  • News
  • Newsletters
  • Loose leaf publications
  • Mailing lists
  • Custom reports/exports
  • Etc.