Features checklist


Below are listed just some of the features that the system makes available to:

  • End users interacting with your web site
  • Content editors utilizing the web CMS (content management system)

End users

Content editors

  • Full remote access to the CMS and web site
  • In-context editing and toolbar menu with context-sensitive online help
  • Powerful and intuitive user interface providing a streamlined work area
  • Multi-level navigation menus – enable these yourself without the need for a developer
  • Randomization of content display
  • Rating functionality (e.g. How would you rate the usefulness of this content) - likewise for survey and poll related functionality
  • Directories
  • Personalization
  • Online store functionality
  • Multilingual site functionality
  • Workflow and approval chains
  • Style sheet support
  • Membership users and groups
  • Taxonomy
  • Enhanced metadata support
  • Link checking
  • Content review features - preview staged site content before it goes live
  • Full XML support

More features

  • Site map and breadcrumb functionality
  • Content rating
  • Surveys & polls
  • Web site subscriptions & web alerts
  • Next-generation html form builder
  • Smart desktop
  • Library thumbnail images
  • Microsoft Word filtering
  • 100% browser-based
  • Locate content by navigating site - and simply click on the page to edit
  • Spell check

  • User-maintained site navigation
  • Add content with single-click
  • Familiar, rich authoring environment