Editorial functionality

What is Konnect eCMS ?

Konnect eCMS is Konnect Soft’s publishing system which provides high levels of content management and content delivery functionality for professional information publishers.

Konnect eCMS, enables information publishers to produce, manage and deliver their data to web, XML, hardcopy, CD-ROM and other formats. Highly customizable to the specific requirements of your editorial processes, it increases the efficiency of the entire publishing process.

Creating and reusing content

A crucial issue for publishers is the ability to create and re-use content in multiple publications, thereby eliminating “content redundancy”.  Many systems claim to provide content re-use facilities, but often they are difficult to configure or use.  Konnect eCMS achieves this control through a high-productivity editorial interface which allows:

  • Manipulation of publications, sections, headings and records (the "granularity" or extent of any record can be determined by the content editor)
  • Inserting of content into multiple publications
  • Re-using entire sections in different publications
  • Customizing reused data for different publications
  • Viewing content from a publication and a taxonomy view


Powerful indexing functionality is available including graphical index browsing, indexing of text, indexing of page ranges, “see also” references, taxonomy integration and support for mixed electronic and hardcopy delivery. Traditionally, editors only see the index late in the publication’s lifecycle. With Konnect Soft’s preview index generation feature, indexes can be generated “on the fly” and checked and re-indexed at will - helping to prevent the “index checking bottle-neck”.

Taxonomy / classification support

The taxonomy component allows one to the create and manage taxonomies with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Publishers can classify their content by dragging and dropping it into the taxonomy. Data is then either viewed by publication, or by the taxonomy under which it is classified.

Data repository

Konnect Soft’s data repository, developed specifically for information publishers, stores both directory data and continuous text data which importantly allows mixing of these content types.

  • Directory data - handles interrelated data groups (typically fielded data from a database) including organizations, individual contacts, products/services/activities, which can be configured to handle any data set.
  • Continuous text - handles textual content ordered by headings - stored within the data repository as database records containing XML. This gives the maximum flexibility to categorize, reuse and structure their data.

Legal publishing

Full support for all legal content including legislation, regulations, case law, table of cases, citations, cross-references to sections, footnotes/endnotes and references to other material.

Remote editorial access

Konnect eCMS is a browser-based system allowing editorial staff to access the system from any location in the world with exactly the same functionality as local editors.


Metadata is fully supported by the system including its provision to metadata harvesters.

How it works

  • Users enter metadata for records into Konnect eCMS - alternatively metadata can also be imported into Konnect eCMS
  • Templates control the format that the metadata is provided in:
    • Metadata can be provided that complies to different TDs
    • E.g. OAI/Dublin core compliant metadata
    • New templates are created to support different formats
  • M Metadata is delivered to a web site from which metadata harvesters retrieve the data (the data can also be provided by a web service)
  • The metadata is automatically updated when it changes within the publishing system

Metadata harvesters - providing data to

  • Metadata can be automatically provided to metadata harvesters by Konnect eCMS  i.e. Konnect eCMS acts as a metadata provider
  • Harvesters collect metadata from metadata providers
  • Data collected by harvesters is used to enable users to search over data from many different sources (web sites, etc.)
  • Konnect eCMS automatically provides data to metadata harvesters
  • Templates are used to provide metadata in different formats

Metadata harvesters - requesting data from

  • This is a very similar approach to that detailed above, but allows harvesters to request specific metadata from Konnect eCMS, for example:
    • Harvesters may request only metadata changed since a certain date
    • Harvesters may request metadata on a specific subject area
  • Some harvesters may be configured to use this method of retrieving metadata

Controlling the editorial process

User rights management provides different functionality to editors, external editors, contributors, reviewers and other staff. Certain personnel perform limited actions (proof reading, indexing, commenting data), whereas a senior editor receives access to all content and functionality.
Control and tracking of recent work is provided including revisions and version control, with editors receiving automatic notification.

If you already have a system

Publishers can either maintain existing databases, or alternatively migrate these to our data repository. For example, Microsoft Word data is easily imported. Konnect Soft’s years of experience of data conversion ensure trouble-free migration with thorough testing before the system goes live.